B/W Cookie $2.25

Signature Hot Dogs(sub. Vienna Dog 1.00)            (sub. pretzel bun 1.25) 
(sub. Poppy bun .25)             (sub. Gluten-free bun 1.75)      (Make it a Bowl (no bun)

New Jersey Ripper- Mustard, relish on a Thumann's© fried dog             2.75
New York- Spicy mustard, relish, onion sauce, sauerkraut                       3.00
California- Lettuce, mayo, onions, tomato                                                3.00
Mad Dog- Jalapeno peppers and hot sauce                                              3.00
The Works- Mustard, ketchup, relish, onion sauce, sauerkraut                3.00
Wisconsin- Mustard and smothered in cheddar cheese sauce                3.25
Coney Island- Meaty Chili sauce, onions, mustard                                   3.50
Kansas City- Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, sauerkraut                          3.50
Memphis- Bacon wrapped dog drizzled with BBQ Sauce                         3.75
Carolina- Yellow mustard, meaty chili sauce, creamy slaw                       3.75
Route “66”- Ranch dressing, meaty chili sauce, crushed fritos                4.00
Seattle Splitter– Cream cheese, jalapenos, fried onions, bbq sauce       4.00
Hawaiian– Teriyaki marinated pineapple, bacon bits, sesame ginger       4.00
B.L.T.- Lettuce, bacon wrap dog, tomatoes                                               4.00
Cincinnati- Yellow mustard, onions, meaty chili, shredded cheddar         4.00
Chicago- Vienna© hot dog, yellow mustard, tomato, onions, neon
relish, pickle, sport peppers, and celery salt on Vienna© poppy bun         4.00
Yucatan- Guacamole, tomato, onion, shredded cheddar                          4.25
European Dog- Spicy mustard, sauerkraut on a German Pretzel bun      4.25
Cobb Salad Dog- Lettuce, tomato, bacon bits, blue chz, pretzel bun       4.50
Philly Cheese Dog- Steak, cheese sauce, fried onions                            4.75
John “B” Splitter- ¼lb Jumbo, bacon bits,
shredded cheddar, BBQ sc    5.50
Attila the “Hun”ster- ½ lb foot long jumbo monster, fried potatoes,
fried onions, drizzled with BBQ sauce topped with onion rings                  9.75

Signature Sandwiches
Little Italy- Mild Italian sausage with peppers and onions on Italian bread               5.00
Polish Po' Boys- ​Bbq fried potato, creamy slaw, bbq sc on Italian bread                 5.50

Ja'Crispy Chicken- Lettuce, tomato, mayo, house sauce on Italian bread               5.50
The Drago
- Veggie sausage, cajun fried potato, fried onion, bbq sc, Sriracha         5.50
Vienna© Italian Beef- Hot roast beef on French bread served wet or dry                 7.00
Philly Cheese Steak- Steak, peppers & onions, cheese sc on Italian bread             7.25
Combo Sausage/Beef –Beef w/ sausage on French bread served wet or dry          8.75

12.00 Tray

2.50 ea.

We are operating normal hours... Call In / Drive-thru / Carry-out  941-493-3086.... 

Limited outdoor seating....

​​Established....  2 0 1 0

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3.75 slice

1.75 ea.

We have the best food around and an atmosphere to match. Try us and you'll be convinced!

Our recipes are authentic and time-tested. The ingredients are always fresh.


Mad Dogs Hot Dogs © Est. 2010

Hot Dogs & More –Build Your Own (steamed, grilled, fried)

Hebrew© National             2.75        Vienna© Dog         3.50       Pretzel Dog         4.00                        Ripper Fried Dog               2.75        Corn Dog               2.50       Italian Sausage    4.25 
¼Lb Jumbo Angus Beef    4.50        Natural Casing       3.00       Polish Sausage    4.25
¼lb Stretch Fried Ripper   4.75        Bacon Wrap Dog    3.75       Veggie Soy Dog   3.50  
½Lb Jumbo Monster Ft lg 7.75        Turkey Dog             2.75       Veg Soy Sausage 4.50       

Complimentary Toppings                 Additional Toppings
(Any toppings on the side Add .25)                (Monster toppings extra charge x2)         
Sauces                  Dressings                        Veggies                          Cheeses

Yellow Must           Blue Cheese                     Sauerkraut        .25         Cheese Sauce.      .50
Spicy Must.            Ranch                               Sport Peppers   .25         Shredded Cheddar   .50     
Onion Sauce          Honey Must                      Jalapeno            .25        Cream Cheese      .50 
House Sauce         Mayo                                 Pickle Spear      .25        Mozzarella             .50
BBQ Sauce            Crunchies                       Creamy Slaw      .25        Swiss Cheese       .50 
Sriracha                 Chopped Onion                Tomatoes           .25         Meats
Ketchup                 Sweet Relish                     Fried Onions      .50         Bacon Bits             .50
Hot Sauce              Neon Relish                      Crispy On/Fritos .50        Meaty chili             .75
Horseradish           Lettuce                              Peppers/Onion   .75        Roast Beef          1.00
Mad Dog 357         Celery Salt                        Giardiniera           .75          Bacon Wrap        1.00 
                                                                       Guacamole        .75         Tofu Chili             1.00                                   
American Fries             2.00        Cajun or BBQ Fries       2.25              
Cheese Fries                2.75        Corn Nuggets (8)          2.75        Creamy Slaw (12oz)  2.00
Chili Cheese Fries        3.75        Mac-n-Chz Bites (6)      3.00        Pretzel Stiks (2)         2.75        
Sweet Potato Fries       3.50        Chicken Tenders (5)     4.00        
Onion Rings                  3.50        Meaty Chili (12oz​ Bowl)  4.50        Classic Lays Chips      .50

Kids Menu12 years or younger
(Served w/ fries & juice) 
Hot Dog or Corn Dog                          4.25
Chicken Tenders (2)                           4.25
Corn Nuggets (5)                                4.25                       
Mac-n-Cheez Bites (4)                        4.25

Beverages & Shakes

PEPSI Cola Products (20 oz. Bottle) 1.50 (12oz. Can) 1.00        Bottled Water                1.00
Dr. Browns Specialty Sodas (12oz can)                   1.50         Root Beer Floats           2.75
Classic Milk Shakes(20 oz)                                     4 .00        Fruit Smoothies(20 oz)    4.50  
Fresh squeezed Lemonade(20oz)                          3.00         Brewed Ice Tea(20oz)     2.00  
Desserts-Tiramisu 3.75       Cannoli 2.50 ea.         Cream Puff 1.75 ea. 


 M A D   D O G S

                             H o t   D O G S      

                               " Not your Ordinary hot dog and so much more.... "